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MatroxRulez is a fictional name that I've been using on many different forums on the internet. In fact, it was year 2002 when I used this nickname for the first time when I registered into Matrox Graphics Technical Support Forums. Visiting these forums was just like a hobby for me, for a while. Sadly, Matrox Graphics has closed these forums since. I'd like to send my best regards to all of you, who still might remember me from those days, and to all current Matrox employees, ex-Matrox employees and Matrox users I might have helped during these years. And off course, to all of you who have kindly helped me in the past!

About my business:

In addition to my homepage, I'm collecting and testing Matrox products as my hobby. I'm also selling high-quality Matrox products, mainly on eBay UK online auction website. Please have a look at my items there. You can find a link to my eBay items on the main page of MatroxRulez's Homepage. Or, just send me an email and ask for the availability of certain product of your interest. I have a range of products ready to be sold.

My history with Matrox products:

I've been using Matrox graphics products pretty much since I built my first PC in 1997. I had heird lots of talking about the remarkable 2D image quality of Matrox graphics cards and the product reviews told me the same story. So, I went and bought my first graphics card ever - Matrox Mystique 4MB. I haven't regret my decision since. A bit later, I also had Matrox Productiva 8MB AGP graphics card plus an additional 3D accelerator card - 3Dfx Voodoo2.

In 1999, I bought yet another Matrox graphics card - Matrox Millennium G400 DualHead 32MB AGP. It had capability to drive two displays at the same time. I didn't have multiple monitors at that time, but I really enjoyed the DVDMax feature. It allowed me to watch video clips full screen on my television and still continue working with my primary display. For a while, this feature was unique-to-Matrox.

In 2002, Matrox launched their next generation graphics card. Matrox Parhelia was able to drive up to three monitors in stretched mode, witch allowed expanding games across all three monitors. Matrox calls this feature as Surround Gaming. I was thrilled about this option and I bought my Matrox Parhelia 128MB card immediately after they were available! About two years later, Matrox started selling slightly faster/improved AGP-8x versions of Parhelia cards. The original Parhelia cards were AGP-4x. I was already hooked on Surround Gaming and I wanted to achieve the best possible gaming experience, so I bought the newer AGP-8x version too.

For many years, I was using Parhelia in my primary PC system, together with Matrox Millennium P650 Low-profile PCI graphics card in the same system. I must say that the combination of these different type of Matrox cards worked really well, because both Parhelia and P-series graphics cards used the same driver package from Matrox.

At this moment, I'm using the Matrox M9148 LP PCIe x16 in my primary PC.

After Parhelia days, Matrox has taken slightly different approach to Surround Gaming with their TripleHead2Go series. Matrox TripleHead2Go is an external multi-display device that connects to a notebook or desktop computer (PC or Mac) via Dual-link DVI, VGA, DisplayPort, or even the Thunderbolt connection, depending on a product version and user's hardware. Personally, I have already owned and used the Matrox TripleHead2Go Analog Edition and also the Matrox TripleHead2Go Digital Edition.

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